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I would love to create something special just for you!!  



Treat yourself to a gorgeous custom made mirror from

  Beach Grass Cottage!


My custom seashell mirrors and sea glass mirrors are found in elegant homes from Martha's Vineyard to Malibu to Nantucket, and I'd love to create one made especially for you! 

Each shell mirror is created meticulously and with artisan craftsmanship just for you according to your specifications.

Do you have a shell mirror in your mind or a picture of one you love?  You can send me photos or a sketch, or just a list of features you'd like incorporated into your shell mirror design, and I will first design a custom quote for your project.  We can talk about specific components you like or dislike, and the "feel" you are trying to convey with your custom seashell mirror.  I can even lay it out on paper for you to get a better visual.


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t r u l y   h a n d m a d e



The Details:

Your mirror base will be custom crafted out of hardwoods or MDF by my incredibly talented carpenter, made and measured by hand and created in his workshop.  He will install the glass and the mounting hardware and paint it white so it's ready for my work.

The largest mirror I can ship MUST fit into a 50x40x8" oversize box, therefore the largest mirror I can ship would be approximately 40x30".   This is the largest box FedEx will handle so we are limited to that box size; I do not ship via freight shipping lines, this is the maximum for Fedex and UPS.

These hand built mirror bases will be custom made out of hardwoods or MDF and hand painted a matte eggshell white.  A non-beveled mirror will be dropped into a routed back, then covered with foam board so that everything lies flush with the wood base. You can choose to upgrade to a beveled mirror.  Hanging "D-ring" hardware is placed for vertical or horizontal hanging. 

Since your mirror base will be custom cut to your wishes, you have the flexibility to specify the size of the border surround on which I do my work.  Standard is 4-5" works best, anything narrower compromises the strength of the mirror. 

You can also upgrade to a beveled mirror, which generally adds up to two weeks to your turnaround time.  Prepayment in full is necessary for custom work, and due to the nature of custom work, these mirrors are non-refundable and non-returnable.  I will make sure we are both clear on the project scope, expectations, and timeline prior to requesting payment.

Fully covered custom mirrors take about 3 weeks from order to delivery, although that will fluctuate according to my current workload.  Each takes many many hours of labor time and meticulous work but I know you will think it's worth the wait!  Your custom mirror will be carefully wrapped using my time tested method, and fully insured for its journey to you.  It will be delivered by Fedex Insured Home Delivery and you will need to be home and sign for its delivery.  Fedex will call you to arrange a time and date for delivery.

Custom mirror projects are unavailable for delivery between Thanksgiving and Christmas due to my heavy work volume during holiday time.                                                                                                                        


Following is my custom mirror portfolio of some commissioned mirrors over the years. 

Please take a look and be inspired to create your special custom made piece!




This show-stopping luxury mirror now hangs in a Boca Raton, Florida seaside home.  It was a custom commission requiring that 50% of the shells be large, pearlescent specimen shells like giant nautilus, astrea, abalones, etc.  I also included large pieces of white lace coral, large sea biscuits, and gorgeous opalescent trocha shells for a truly luxury look and feel.  It maxed out at my maximum size and weighed 64 pounds for shipping!!  Wish I could see it hanging in that fabulous home!




This fabulous mirror features the very cool and gorgeous aqua limpet shell, with tons of texture and brilliant teal colors.  Using them en masse is so textural you can't help but want to run your hand all over it!  This mirror can be created in any shape and is always an elegant choice for a beach house because the color really "pops". 




This XL white starfish mirror was custom cut to a 35x27" size.  I meticulously layer 5-6 layers of white finger starfish, taking time to adhere just the points where they connect. Additionally, I make sure to use all sizes from 2" to giant 8" starfish to maximize the detail and texture of the piece.   It now hangs in the same luxury Boca Raton, Florida home as the mirror above.



This beauty combines shades of blue sea glass with matte white shells. never can go wrong with beachy classic blue and white!!  It's hanging in a dining room in Washington State.





This beauty was custom cut and custom designed for a client who liked the all white luxury mirror but wanted a bit of color... just a touch makes the ivories just "pop"!!  It will hang in a Malibu, California home.





The client that ordered this beauty wanted everything but the kitchen sink included!!  Lots and lots of luxury elements add so much texture and interest.  (Bad decision on the backdrop...sorry!!)





My gorgeous custom white starfish mirror in a large round shape, it's going to be the focal point of an elegant dining room in a South Florida home.







This beautiful "visually light"  mirror was created on mirror base #389, which is a perfect size and shape with lots of room for my work.  My client requested a very soft, light palette of shells with no darks or browns.  It now hangs in the same luxury Boca Raton, Florida property as the two mirrors above. 







These 2 "twin" mirrors were created for a master bath re-do in the Hamptons, New York.  My client didn't like the look of the fully covered, she just wanted a taste of the shell work done on the arched tops of the mirrors.  Her paint color was a soft barely-there wisp of pink and they look fabulous!!



This is the beautiful all white mirror, a large 32" square size perfect for above a mantle or sofa.  Nothing beats elegant all white!  This mirror will hang in a beachside home in Redondo Beach, California.






This beautiful shell mirror was created for a client in my happy place, Nantucket, MA. My client wanted lots of color and texture so I added everything but the kitchen sink!






This gorgeous custom white starfish mirror is my second created for a lovely woman in Sanibel, Florida.  The base was cut to her specifications by my carpenter, then hundreds of starfish in all shapes and sizes were hand laid one by one in a creatively jumbled way.  LOTS of labor and love go into these starfish mirrors, but they are fabulous when finally complete!  Perfect for an upscale seaside condo! 





This is a gorgeous sea glass and white shell custom mirror that now hangs on the California coast.  ordered by an interior designer for her client, they ordered samples of my sea glass colors and chose a blend of medium and cobalt blue mix, which will reflect the coastal waters in California beautifully. 





This visually light shell mirror is a smaller mirror just perfect for a half-bath.  My customer wanted all lighter shells, no browns, so it would not be too dark in a tiny powder room.





This is my popular starfish design in a custom cut oval. LOTS of labor and love go into these, but they are gorgeous when finally complete.   Notice the close up of how very little adhesive is seen.





This is the #1 favorite in sea glass, Bright Mix, shown with opalescent and regular white shells and a few starfish.  Simple, classic, and gorgeous!  It's now hanging in one of my all time favorite "happy places", Anna Maria Island, Florida! 





Some close-ups of my work...                            
Please take note of the absence of adhesive.  I hand place each shell and take great care to cover all adhesives and mechanics.










This customer wanted to highlight gorgeous center cut nautilus shells on her white mirror.  I surrounded the four focal corners with white coral and abalone and she loved it!  It now hangs in a coastal home in the Outer Banks area of North Carolina. 





I made 2 matching mirrors for this customer, and they turned out beautifully!!  I kind of wanted to keep one:)    They are being used at "his-n-hers" sinks in a powder room.  I used a mix of pastel of sea glass shades and they will be hanging in a Cape Cod beach home!






This is a 30" round mirror created with lighter natural shells and starfish.  My client wanted a "visually light" mirror for a sunny condo with light furnishings, and it worked beautifully for her space!  It's new home in near Naples, Florida. 





This beautiful mirror utilizes both sea glass and naturally colored shells and starfish.  You don't have to choose -- you can have it all!  I am happy to artistically incorporate all the things you love into one just-for-you mirror!







A very colorful rectangle created in natural shells with a mixture of starfish and pearls.  Gorgeous and so much detail to look at!!



I always create my handmade custom mirrors using a blend of industrial adhesives and a lot of patience and love.  It's a slow and meticulous process, but it assures that you will see no gaping holes or excess adhesive showing.  






This beauty is a square mirror in a large 32" size, perfect for over a mantle, in an entry way, or making a bold statement in a powder room or bedroom.  It's new home is in a beach house in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.





A mirror in progress.  My client was a lovely woman from Virginia purchasing her custom mirror for her seaside second home in Fort Meyers, Florida




This is a 24x30" oval, simply but elegantly done in a mix of colorful shells and starfish. Can't go wrong with this one!  It now hangs in a Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts seaside cottage.






This is the starfish mirror that started everything!  This very labor intensive but cool piece can be made on the shown 18x18" square premade base, or can be custom made to you exact specifications.  It requires a larger flat molding to adhere starfish to, ideally 3" or more all around.  Check with me on the details:)





This project was for twin mirrors for above powder room sinks in a California master bath re-do, shown in the soft pink sea glass.  Old picture, not great -- but they were gorgeous!!




This is a dark hardwood cherry base for a home that contained a lot of darker woods.  Most all of the white mirror bases shown above are available in hardwood shades as well, just ask!





Beautiful all white oval with elegant white starfish, and lots of no-hole pearls. Turned out GORGEOUS!!  Absolutely my favorite mirror to make, the all white is so fresh and elegant!   This one was created for a Michigan customer, simple, elegant, and fabulous!




Please take note of the lack of adhesive showing.  Much time and attention to detail go into each custom mirror so that all adhesive is covered and every nook and cranny is filled.  That difference is obvious with a Beach Grass Cottage custom mirror!





This gorgeous lavender purple beauty was recently shipped to a seaside cottage on the coast of Maine.





This crystal clear sea glass mirror was created on a basic rectangular base, but not basic looking!!  Gorgeous colorful accent shells and starfish add so much POP.  It now hangs in a seaside home in northern California.





My inexpensive  18" square pine mirror is layered here with shiny mother-of-pearl oyster shells.  My client gave me a photo of something she liked in a magazine and we worked together to replicate the look.  Turned out really cool!  On the second mirror I used pearly abalone shells and pearls for the "pea pods".  All white mirrors are always in style, and so very elegant!





All white "twin" mirrors, so elegant and gorgeous in detail!  They hang in an entry foyer in a coastal Florida home.   

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